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How to choose a computer chair

It is important to choose the right chair so that a long sitting position does not have a negative effect on the body. To do this, you need to know their varieties, design features and tasks that they can perform.

Chairs are divided into types depending on the time spent at sedentary work. For example, there is a version of a chair with a minimum load. Its design is quite simple: a comfortable back, an ordinary soft chair, armrests. Such a simplified model is suitable if you have to spend 2-3 hours in a sitting position. If a chair is needed by an active user who, on average, works at a desk for 2–5 hours, you should choose a more advanced office model. In such a chair, you can adjust the height and depth of the seat, the tilt and height of the back.

The most expensive option is considered to be an executive chair, which is larger than a regular office chair. As a rule, it has all the adjustment mechanisms, withstands an average of 120-150 kg, and the upholstery is made of genuine leather.

Unlike office chairs, gaming chairs have a non-standard design. First of all, they are distinguished by their bright colors. This model is also equipped with adjustable armrests, which is very helpful in the process of work or play. You can even recline the back completely and rest in a reclining position. Gaming chairs are more durable than office chairs. You can swing on them, or, on the contrary, fix the back at the desired angle of inclination. For gaming chairs, it is possible to order spare parts in the event of a breakdown, while office chairs in this case, as a rule, have to be replaced with new ones. Another important detail is the lumbar support, which will help reduce the overall stress on the spine. Not only gaming chairs have it, models for an active user also have this function.

When choosing a chair for a student, you must first take into account the rigidity of the seat. It is better to choose an armchair of medium hardness. It is also worth paying attention to the height of the chair. It must be regulated as the child grows. Usually, a child's computer chair does not have armrests, since it is assumed that the child will sit on this chair only while working at the table. It is better to purchase a model equipped with a footrest, since with it the child will sit more correctly during work.

The upholstery is made of genuine leather, which guarantees the strength and durability of the chair. There is a variant of eco-leather upholstery, which will last less, but will be more pleasant to the touch than natural leather. If you want a more breathable material, fabric upholstery will do. An armchair with a multi-layer mesh fabric with the possibility of natural ventilation will be comfortable. Acrylic mesh is very flexible and practical, therefore it is mainly used in the manufacture of chairs for staff and customers. Instead of natural leather, nubuck is often used for upholstery: the material is very wear-resistant and its price is much lower. There is a variant of the chair upholstery with artificial leather, but it has a significant drawback - a short service life, because it wears out quickly. There is also a combined upholstery, that is, from several materials. The seat upholstery is made of fabric, for example, and the backrests are made of acrylic mesh.

Computer chair CR - 600987

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